As you can see, I don't do loud or big or bright.
I do high achievement and quiet encouragement.
I love supporting people be they loud or quiet...
as long as they are honest and true to themselves.

Is Your Business Delivering?
Your businesses should fulfil several needs in your life. In no particular order...
FUN Your business must be fun to work in.
REWARDS Your business must reward your efforts in a financially generous way.
LIFESTYLE Your business must support your desired lifestyle.
CAPITAL GAIN Your business should also be able to be sold for capital gain when you are ready to pass it on.
CREATIVE Your business must give you an opportunity to express yourself - your creativity - your expertise - and serve others.
Unfortunately, many people are running businesses that may be failing to deliver on all (or even any) of these measures.
STRESS The business is a source of stress that is damaging your health and your happiness. The price is too high right now.
DEBT The business is barely breaking even and is failing to grow. Instead of building your wealth it may even be sapping your wealth. You are earning less than your employees.
RELATIONSHIPS The business takes excessive time and energy - often ruining marriages and breaking up families.
NO CAPITAL WORTH The business cannot function without the owners - meaning it is worth almost nothing when you come to sell it.
If your business is failing you, then you need help. If you could fix it all on your own, then you would have done so by now. So if you are struggling to achieve in any of these areas, then you need the support a business coach can offer you. 

Linda Reid is a business coach because she loves helping people achieve the level of success in life that they both deserve and desire.
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Linda Reid
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“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
― Albert Einstein
"The only way to grow your business is to grow yourself.
You need to work smarter and you need the right support to do so."
--- Linda Reid