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Privacy Policy

Linda Reid values your privacy and will not disclose any information to any thrid party. This includes your name, email and other contact information.

She will never rent, sell, lease or otherwise disclose your contact information to any third party. Ever.

If you join Linda's subscriber list, there will be an unsubscribe link in every email, so you can easily and quickly unsubscribe. She only wants to communicate with people who want to hear from her.

Clients can be assured of Linda respecting the privacy of their coaching sessions, subject only to the need to disclose to the proper authorities if a client is likely to harm themselves or others.

If you have any privacy concerns, please email Linda Reid at
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However Linda Reid makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or use of any information that is available in this website.  Further, she will not be liable to anyone in respect of any loss, damage, injury or expense, suffered or incurred as a result of reliance on the information on this website;

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Each page on this website must be read in conjunction with our copyright notice and this disclaimer and any other disclaimer that forms part of it.  If you find any information on this website that you believe may be inaccurate, please email Linda Reid at
Terms of Conditions

Fees and Payment

Coaching sessions are charged at an agreed rate per session/hour - or as a set fee for on-going coaching to be paid monthly in advance.
What the fee includes is clearly stated in each case and often includes limited free email support - if the client is unclear on what is included, they will clarify this with the Linda Reid
Fees for sessions must be paid in advance.
Payment should be made by credit card or bank deposit.
Extra session time is charged at the pro-rata hourly rate. This is by mutual agreement in advance.
If the client ceases to continue with Coaching once it has commenced, they will not receive a refund for any used or pre-paid coaching sessions.

Cancellation and Changes

The client must give at least 24 hours notice if they need to cancel or postpone and re-arrange their life coaching session.
If the client postpones a session without notice, they will be charged for that missed session.


The Coach is bound by a code of confidentiality that requires confidential safekeeping of all my disclosures.
The Coach will take every precaution to keep my information private.
Information will not be disclosed except under legal obligation.
All records will be safely destroyed three years after my consultancy has ended.


The client understands and accepts that they must make their coach aware if they feel that they are not getting what they need from the coaching session so that the programme can be discussed and adjusted to suit.


The client understands that the coaching agreement can be terminated at any time provided they cancel any booked sessions with 24 hours notice.

Other mental health professionals

The client accepts that if they are under the care of another mental health professional, it is their responsibility to let them know of their intention to engage a coach and ensure that they approve of that decision and feel that it is an acceptable option.  They also accept that they will need to notify the Coach that they am already working with another professional.  They accept that the Coach does not replace the help of a counsellor, therapist or other mental health practitioner.

Legal Guardian

Clients under 18 need the written permission of their parent or guardian to engage the services of a Coach, and need to inform the Life Coach of this fact.  The Coach is ethically bound to disclose certain types of information to the guardian.

Emergency service

Coaching is NOT an emergency service and that it is the client's responsibility to get help from the appropriate emergency services in the case of an emergency.  If the coach feels that the client is liable to harm themselves or someone else, the client accepts that she will need to contact the appropriate emergency service and notify them of the risks.


The Client accepts that they cannot hold the coach responsible for their decisions or for any actions they undertake as a result of their work with her. They also cannot hold the Coach responsible for any injury, loss or damages caused directly or indirectly by her.

Linda Reid
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